Fast, Accurate Rating

We offer standard rating as well as support for products that deviate from ISO/AAIS. Our rating engine is highly configurable and lightning fast. Give us your Product, we will implement it online. We are experts in both specialty and standard programs.
ZoomAn Accurate Rate Every Time

Policy Summary

The Summary tab presents a quick snapshot of the Policy Effective and Expiration Dates, Insured, Status and Producer Details. The Policy, Claims and Billing modules are fully integrated. Navigating between the different modules requires only a single click.
ZoomPolicy Summary

Robust Forms Management

Forms are “rules” driven with mandatory forms pre-selected based on the risk characteristics, and optional forms available for selection.
ZoomRobust Forms Management

Account Application

Any custom or ACORD Application driven application data can be presented; you decide what is “required”, and what is not.
ZoomAccount Application

Document Management

As with all TopSail modules, document management is integrated. No need for an external 3rd party solution, all policy documents are organized by type, and available from the policy for viewing based on access determined by roles. For example, Underwriters may see certain system generated documents that are not available to Producers.
ZoomDocument Management

Data Visualization

This is a great way for an executive to evaluate the profitability of a program. From Hit Ratios (in any number of drill down modes), to premium and loss development and premium to incurred loss ratios over time by any number of break outs, we can keep you up to date with how and what is needed to grow your business, and reach your goals.
ZoomData Visualization

Agency Management

Extremely robust Agency Group, Agency, Sub Agency (for Wholesalers) information is captured and can be part of management reporting and incentive plans. You can add contacts, titles, producer or key person, all configurable given your needs.
ZoomAgency Management

Find Your Accounts Instantly

Finding a policy or account is easy and intuitive. You can search by name, effective date, and many other options. You can also filter on status to see open quotes, pending endorsements, or any other “state” of in the policy lifecycle. .
ZoomFind Your Accounts Instantly

Workflow Engine

At ITS, we do not pursue the “one size fits all” approach to workflow, or anything else for that matter. Our Workflow Engine is able to meet your needs. We offer several out of the box workflow templates for inward and outward facing operations. We can also work with you to define your own process/workflow and adapt to your needs.
ZoomWorkflow Engine

Integrated Management Reports

Reportes can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format. Our integrated approach means you can view written premiums and losses on the same convenient report.
ZoomIntegrated Management Reports

Context Sensitive Help

Rich and informative, context sensitive help is a feature that enhances TopSails intuitive nature. Underwriting Guidelines and other critical documentation can be also be made available with a titled icon presented on any page or tab.
ZoomContext Sensitive Help