A Web enabled Facultative Reinsurance Portal that incorporates your Underwriting Guidelines, including business rules for Referrals. TopSail supports online placement of Facultative Reinsurance by leveraging your pricing models deployed through proprietary software as a true “Web Based” underwriting portal. Streamline the process by setting up Ceding Commissions, Brokerage, Default Layers, etc, and the Submission through Bind process is simplified. Intelligent workflow allows the Ceding Companies to enter risk characteristics, select predefined available layers and rate. They can Refer, Bind, or be declined based on your Underwriting Guidelines established in TopSail. Reinsurance Underwriters can communicate back to the Cedent and automated email messages provide alerts and updates as to placement status. TopSail is flexible and can be deployed as either “internal only” for sole use by the FAC underwriting unit, or as outward facing to your Ceding Companies. Direct or Broker Market implementations are both supported.?


  • Only solution in the industry that can web-enable your existing Microsoft Excel based Rating Models
  • Can be used for Facultative and Treaty Reinsurance
  • Dramatically reduces time to price complex reinsurance contracts
  • Management Reporting
  • Supports multiple branch offices, multiple users and roles, and multiple lines of business
  • Use of the ubiquitous Microsoft .NET/SQL Server platform ensures the longevity of your systems investment
Empower the Power User
The TopSail Rating Engine is at the heart of our Product offerings to the Insurance and Reinsurance industry. It allows Companies to leverage their often significant investments made in spreadsheet based rating models. Ours is probably the only solution in the industry that in addition to the re-use of rating factors and data contained in spreadsheets, also preserves formulae and macros. This results in a significant reduction in cost and all but eliminates the risk of project failure.